Break into tech for $0 upfront

Build a career based on your potential, not your bank account. We invest in your success upfront. You pay a flat monthly fee only when you’re employed.

Pay only after you’re hired

Only pay when you are in a job making above the income threshold. If you’re making less, payments pause.

Make payments as you earn

You’ll make fixed monthly payments for 24 months while you’re working. Payment is capped with no interest.

How much does it cost?

Java Development
Income threshold
You won’t pay unless your income is above this level.
Monthly payment$350
Number of payments24
Payment cap
This is the maximum you’d pay if your income stays
above the threshold for the entire contract length.
Contract length
Your payment obligation is waived after this time
has passed – even if you’ve paid nothing.
4 Years

How does it work?


Apply to the program

Apply to the program and learn more. We provide ways to learn more about the Success Sharing Program throughout the application process. If you’re accepted, you begin the “Foundation” phase, our trial period, to see if Merit America is right for you. You don’t sign anything at this point.


Immerse yourself

The “Immersion” phase of the program, where most of the technical course content from partners is taught, is next. This phase lasts 10-17 weeks, depending on the program. Before entering this phase, you will commit to paying for your program costs.


Search for jobs

“Job Success” begins after the technical learning is complete. During this 3-month phase, you interview with our employer partners and search for jobs with your coach.


Start your career

Once you’re in a job with a salary at or above the income threshold, you’ll start making fixed monthly payments. If you never land a job above the income threshold, you’ll never pay.

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