Chloe Beizer

Manager, Curriculum & Learning Innovation

Chloe has a passion for stoking the potential in others. Before joining Merit America, Chloe taught 7-12 graders in Humanities courses at a DC Independent school. In the classroom, she honed her skills in curriculum development, design thinking, and leadership. As a teacher, Chloe designed courses that inspired learners to bring their authentic selves to their work, and she saw her students flourish not only in mastering the conventions for excellence in writing but also in their capacity for empathy and engagement.

Outside of her teacher role, Chloe also applied herself as a coach of soccer, basketball, and softball. She led teams by employing the head and the heart, at once instilling in players technical and tactical expertise and also cultivating the will to commit to a strong collective. Chloe’s background as a collegiate goalkeeper helped her “read the game,” take charge, and motivate players and teammates alike. She prides herself on her vision, drive, and organizational prowess.

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