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Gain essential project management skills and earn a Google Certificate in 17 weeks without quitting your day job. Pay $0 upfront.

  • 17 weeks
  • 20 hours/week
Why Project Management

Why Project Management

In today’s fast-paced business world, project managers are essential to ensuring successful project outcomes. This program equips you with the foundational skills needed to start a career in project management. You’ll learn essential project management skills, including estimating time and budgets, running effective meetings, managing stakeholders, applying Agile and Scrum frameworks, and developing leadership skills. With these skills, you’ll be prepared for various project management jobs, such as project assistant, project coordinator, customer success coordinator, project administrator, project analyst, operations analyst, junior consultant, project manager, technical project manager, Scrum master, and program manager.

Benefits of the field:

• High salaries

• Growth Potential

• Flexibility

• Engaging, challenging work

Our alums work for the world’s top tech companies

$0 Upfront Tuition

Get started with $0 upfront

Build a career based on your potential, not your bank account.

  1. Learn in-demand skills
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  3. Pay only after the program
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Flexible Schedule

Work Life Balance

Your third-party coursework and Merit America career coaching services are online. Live meetings are only 3-5 hours per week. You can complete the coursework in-between work shifts, on weekends – whatever works for your life.

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  • At Work  8am – 3pm
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  • Daycare pick-up  5:15pm
  • Family Dinner  6pm
  • 1:1 Career Coaching  8pm
Supported Learning

Work with a team dedicated to your success

Meet regularly with a career coach and squad of your peers to keep you on track. After you finish, you’ll join a network of thousands of Merit America alumni.


  • Michael, Career Coach

    How’s your coursework going this week?

  • Cora

    I’m really struggling with my resume…

  • Michael, Career Coach

    You’ve got this! Let me connect you with our job success coach, Teresa.

    Also, something to look forward to: you’re only one week away from completing your Google Certificate!

How does Merit America Compare?

Merit AmericaTech BootcampCommunity College
Course Length17 weeks20-24 weeks50-100 weeks
In person/RemoteRemoteRemoteIn-person/Remote
Part-time? 20 hours/week Varies Varies
Maximum Payment/Tuition$5,700$16,000-$19,000$5,000-$10,000
Certificate Google Project Management CertificateVaries
Organization TypeNon-profit (Merit America collaborates with for-profits)For-profitFor-profit or Non-profit
Coaching and Job Search Support Yes Yes Varies
Downside Protection Yes Varies No

Earn a Google Certificate to get the skills employers are looking for

  • Project Management Fundamentals

Foundations of Project Management

Uncover the diverse roles and responsibilities of project managers and the core skills necessary for their success. Master the art of estimating time and budgets, facilitating effective meetings, managing stakeholders, identifying and mitigating risks, and applying Agile and Scrum frameworks. Explore how organizational structure and culture influence project management outcomes and gain an understanding of change management, with valuable insights into the pivotal role project managers play in facilitating this process.

  • Essential Skills

Essential project management training

Develop critical skills that will elevate your effectiveness in project management. Dive into technical topics such as organizational culture, strategic thinking, and effective communication. Hone your abilities through hands-on activities that mirror real-world project management scenarios, practicing critical tasks like creating project charters, defining goals, and maintaining quality throughout the project life cycle. Tackle project challenges adeptly by employing proven methodologies like Agile, and leverage a set of advanced tools including RACI charts, Kanban boards, and Asana to streamline your approach. 

  • Professional Skills

Mastering the job search

Apply project management frameworks directly to your job search, treating it as a strategic process. Develop impactful case study collateral to showcase sought-after project management abilities while expertly navigating each step of the project management job search journey. Work with your Merit America coaching team to create an effective resume and cover letter, and learn the best way to answer common project management interview questions.


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