Ever wondered if Merit America is the real deal?

We get it—with so many options out there, it’s important to know who you can trust. Join us as we share insights into our mission, success stories, and how we’re paving the way to more fulfilling, high-growth careers without the need for a four-year degree. Ready to find out more? Let’s explore! 

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1. What is Merit America?

What is Merit America?

Merit America is a national nonprofit organization that provides job training programs for adults without college degrees, helping them transition into family-sustaining technical careers.

Our mission is to offer accessible pathways to economic mobility through education and skill development. We achieve this mission by providing comprehensive job-training in the following Career Tracks:

Our alumni are former rideshare drivers, food service workers, and store clerks. We have served more than 10k Merit America alumni nationwide, with an 80% program completion rate. Over 300 top-tech companies have hired Merit America alumni, with the average time to getting a job being 3 months.

2. How Much is Merit America?

How Much is Merit America?

Cost is often a barrier to entry. And, when you consider an online bachelor’s degree costs upwards of $50,000, it’s no wonder.

Merit America is a college alternative that allows low-income earners a path into higher-paying careers.

Merit America programs cost $5,700. The first four weeks of the Foundations phase are free. You can try out the program before deciding on the best payment option for you.

There are three ways to cover the costs:

  1. Sponsorship from an employer partner (e.g., Amazon Career Choice)
  2. Paying upfront in full
  3. Opting for $0 down with Ascent Funding’s Zero Percent Loan

If you choose Ascent Funding’s Zero Percent Loan, you won’t make any payments until three months after completing or exiting your Merit America program. Once you start repaying the loan, you will make monthly payments without incurring any interest charges. Additionally, if you become unemployed, you can delay payment, with the interest rate remaining at 0% throughout the loan period.

Should none of these options be available to you, Merit America has reserved a limited number of spaces in our Opportunity for All program. If you apply for an Ascent Zero Percent Loan and do not qualify, are not sponsored by your employer, and cannot pay in full upfront, you can apply for the program, which covers 100% of the cost for Merit America.

3. Is Merit America Worth It?

Is Merit America Worth It?

If you are an eager learner stuck in a low-paying job desiring a fast and flexible path to a technical career–and a higher earning potential, Merit America is worth it!

So what’s the catch? Where’s the fine print?

There is no catch or hidden secret. But we understand the skepticism.

As with any good investment, people often fall into one of two categories. Some, like alumni Steven, who grew tired of making ends meet as an UberEats driver, discovered Merit America in his inbox between food deliveries and thought, “this is the way.” He ultimately achieved a $53,400 wage increase after completing the program.

On the other hand, you may be like Ryan, who shared, “It’s funny, I was actually mindlessly scrolling on TikTok and a Merit America ad came up. I was like, ‘no way — that’s a scam’.” 

Months later, Ryan transitioned from restaurant work to landing a job as a junior technology associate with Merit America partners at Southwest Airlines. As Ryan and many others discover, “I didn’t learn until starting out in this industry that you don’t always need a degree to get started, and Merit helped show me that.”

We’ve perfected our career success model, so you can attain a higher-paying technical career without a degree or prior experience.

4. FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers. Here are our most asked questions, plus a few questions you didn’t know you should ask.

Is Merit America legit?

Yes, Merit America is legit!

Our alumni go on to start new careers as designers, developers, and more. They find success and fulfillment in full-time work, running freelance businesses, and pursuing other flexible and lucrative careers.

Does Merit America have reviews?

We sure do! With more than 10,000 alumni, we have many Learner Stories sharing their Merit America experience, like Sandra.

Sandra, who sought a stable, high-growth career to provide for her daughter, transitioned from working 80+ hours to a role with Merit America’s partner, Intact Technology.

She attributed her success to the coaching, stating:

“Merit America’s personalized career support, provided by dedicated coaches, was instrumental in my online education success, leading to a transformative career and profound life change. Through their expert guidance, I found the courage to pursue my dreams, conquer challenges, and push beyond my limits.”

Why couldn’t I just use Coursera?

Thanks for asking! We understand your hesitation and want to help you make the best decision for you.

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses, specializations, and degrees in various subjects. You can earn technical certificates, and it can be a good option for learners with prior technical knowledge.

However, for others, self-learning is not an attainable goal because of a lack of support or the complexity of coursework. In fact, only 10% of students finish any given course, according to Duke research on massive open online courses (MOOC). And, in the US, only 14% of people complete a professional certificate on their own.

Merit America combines industry-standard education from Coursera with expert technical and career support. Merit America is for career changers and learners who have no or little prior technical knowledge or experience.

  • Our technical advisors provide additional learning support. They will help you grasp complex coursework, provide technical support for Coursera content, offer advice, troubleshoot, and even assist with coding, depending on your program. 
  • Our job success coaches partner with you to fine-tune your application, interview skills, resume, negotiations, and cover letters.
  • We connect you with our professional network—a network of nearly 10k+ alumni from top tech companies across the nation, plus a global hiring partner network that includes employers JP Morgan Chase & Co, Google, Amazon, Accenture, Southwest Airlines, and more.

Self-learning is a great way to develop your professional skills. However, if you want structured, 1:1 expert guidance and partners to help you learn technical skills and land a job in tech, Merit America is for you.

Wait, is Merit America just career coaching?

No. While we provide 1:1 career support, we also provide holistic services so you can enter the tech industry without a four-year degree.

We partner with individuals, providing technical learning support on third-party coursework; career mentorship, including technical interview guidance and salary negotiation assistance; as well as access to our professional network.

Is Merit America accredited?

No, America is not accredited. However, we use industry-standard third-party coursework to teach you the technical skills you will be using in your next career.

Do you get a certificate of completion after finishing Merit America?

No, Merit America does not provide a certificate of completion after finishing your chosen Career Track.

That said, don’t fret! You will receive an industry-recognized Google Career Certificate. We can also provide a letter of completion to students who need proof of completion.

Aside from a certificate, you will receive the tech knowledge, career coaching, and industry connections needed to transition into a technical career.

Does Merit America have a job guarantee?

Yes, Merit America does have a job guarantee.

Our mission is to help you gain the technical skills needed to land a family-sustaining career. But we know taking the leap is nerve-wrecking. That’s why we’re betting on you! 

We’re so confident in our program that we’ve created the Merit America Guarantee, our policy which affirms that if you still don’t earn at least $40k within the two years after you have completed the Immersion phase of your chosen Merit America program, you don’t have to pay. 

If you don’t earn at least $40,000 per year within two years of completing the program, you may qualify for a full refund or cancellation of your loan.

Start Your Tech Career with Merit America

So, is Merit America legit? You bet! We’ve helped over 10k alumni acquire the skills needed to be successful in tech. And you could be the next one! 

If you’re ready to quit your day low-income job, change careers, and land a sustainable tech job, Merit America can help you achieve your goals.

Find your dream career today! Your new career in tech could be just a few months away!