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Why Merit America?

We drive transformative impact for learners at unprecedented scale, sustained by a diversified, scalable business model and a world-class team that embodies operational excellence. Our team is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community where each individual has the opportunity to succeed.

At Merit America, we are committed to our values.

Our values drive “how” we do what we do, and serve as the bedrock for our culture. Someone once said that culture is “what you reward and what you allow” – we will recognize and celebrate behaviors that demonstrate our values, and we will not tolerate behaviors that go against them. Nothing is more important than the culture that we collectively build, and your leadership in finding ways for us to best live our values is essential. 

We are bold, innovative and optimistic; we challenge ourselves to push the boundaries  of what’s possible and we believe deeply in the potential for our work to change millions of lives
We own our ambitious goals and we consistently deliver; we focus on driving meaningful learner outcomes above all else
We are reliable, honest and committed teammates; we ask each other for help and are “all hands on deck” whenever needed; we challenge each other and value diversity of thought, but we “commit” to a path forward even when we disagree
We are nimble and resilient learners; we welcome feedback, we learn from failure, and we continually develop our expertise
We are deeply empathetic and passionate about our learners and partners; we believe fully in their ability to succeed and we extend grace to all
We are fun-loving, healthy, and humble; we bring our whole selves to work and we celebrate our successes

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        Our Commitment to Equity in Hiring

        Merit America is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just workplace. We believe this starts with hiring.

        Our Process

        Our Process

        Below is an illustrative example of our hiring process. Qualified and top candidates from each step will move to the next step. The hiring process may vary slightly by role.

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        We encourage you to apply if you can demonstrate many of these skills and competencies.