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Merit America has hundreds of job-ready, diverse candidates. Reduce your time-to-hire and demonstrate your leadership in closing the skills gap.

A Simplified, Scalable Acquisition Process

Securing a high-quality tech talent pipeline is no longer a choice but a strategic necessity. Merit America offers a unique solution as a national nonprofit, creating pathways to family-sustaining careers while addressing employers’ challenges. Whether you’re an employer looking to provide education and advancement to an existing workforce or add skilled talent to your team, check out our partnership opportunities below!

Our alums work for the world’s top tech companies

Driving Results Together

When Infosys established itself as a major employer within the Connecticut region, they made the commitment to hiring talent in the area, specifically without a 4-year degree. As the demand for skilled professionals increased, Infosys partnered with Merit America and collaborated with the state to create a mutually beneficial alliance, ensuring a steady supply of qualified talent for their Connecticut office and generating over $1,318,000 in wage gains for residents of Connecticut.

What We Offer

Diverse and Qualified Talent

Our learners earn industry-recognized certificates, ensuring they have the technical skills to be ready on day one. In addition, over 70% of our learners boast 6+ years of workforce experience, and 91% have worked in prior roles requiring strong communication – an ideal skillset for junior positions. With access to our sustainable and diverse tech talent pipeline, partnering employers can enhance innovation and deliver a competitive advantage.

Scalable Talent Pipeline

By partnering with us, employers harness a nationalized, year-round tech talent pipeline that complements traditional hiring systems and cultivates a fresh pool of skilled professionals, strengthening scalable workforce development strategies. If you have high-volume hiring needs, we can develop a customized blended learning program aligned to your specific skill needs.

Customized Placement

Different companies have different needs. Our placement
 team provides access to a pool of talented candidates and identifies 
those that are the best fit for your
specific job requirements and 
company culture.

Hear What Our Partners Say

It has been such an honor to be a part of the program and process with Merit America. In all of the 57 hires I’ve made this year, these have been THE BEST! Thanks for the fantastic talent partnership.

Joe Flores | Executive Recruiter-Global Technology at JPMorgan

It has been an enormous pleasure partnering with an organization that shares the same values, and desire to invest in the growth of others.

Angela Butler | Development Manager, Intact

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