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Interested in offering education and advancement opportunities to your current staff? Seeking to equip your team with skills for business challenges? Explore our partnership opportunities below!

Invest in Your Workforce

Merit America enables companies to invest in their greatest asset – people. We connect the dots between workers’ current skills and the skills employers need in the future by ensuring that those seeking to upskill & reskill can access it, and those who have access to it can use it effectively.

Our programs are tailor-made for the workforce, offering accessible technical training, 1:1 coaching, and peer support to those often hindered by cost and time – working adults. Together, we partner with enterprise companies to create cultures of opportunity that aid in attracting and retaining top talent, while also reducing hiring and service costs, improving retention rates, and streamlining internal hiring processes.

Our alums work for the world’s top tech companies

Develop Talent From Within

Amazon partnered with Merit America to drive IT recruitment and establish robust career pathways for their fulfillment center workforce. Originating with 12 associates in 2019, the program swiftly adapted to a virtual model in 2020, expanding nationwide and admitting over 1,000 associates in 2022. The program’s offerings now span IT Support, Data Analytics, and Java Development training, tailored to the diverse career aspirations of Amazon learners.

What We Offer

Cutting-Edge Talent Development

Stay competitive in the fast-paced tech industry by empowering your team with the latest cutting-edge skills. Our programs are designed to ensure your workforce stays up-to-date with emerging technologies through over 300+ hours of expert-curated technical training, giving your business a competitive edge in the market.

Increased Retention

Companies prioritizing employee growth witness a 45% surge in retention. Our flexible programs pave accessible paths for career development, fostering loyalty and reducing turnover.

Enhanced Productivity

Retraining isn’t solely about technical prowess; it encompasses holistic development. Our programs empower employees with 80+ hours of professional skill-building and coaching, setting the stage for exceptional outcomes and heightened efficiency.

Hear What Our Partners Say

By delivering training in high-demand career paths, we are proud to give eligible employees the tools they need to make a move and pursue their career aspirations beyond Amazon.

Tammy Thieman | Global Career Choice, Program Lead

Through our grant and partnership with Merit America, we are investing in the career growth of our employees and overall community by providing a new pathway for success.

Natalie Schwimer  | Early Warning, Chief People Officer

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