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Are you a recent high school graduate contemplating your next steps? Or are you just wondering how to get out of a low-income job? Traditional college isn’t the only path to a successful and fulfilling career, especially in the rapidly evolving tech industry. 

Merit America offers college alternatives that can help you acquire skills on a schedule that fits your work and home life, with the support of professional coaches and a community of your peers.

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Why Consider College Alternatives

After high school, you have more choices than ever. While college is a great option for many, it’s not the best fit for everyone. And the tech industry in particular places a high value on practical skills and experience. 

Here are seven alternatives to consider.

1. Entering the Workforce

You can dive straight into the tech workforce and start building your career. With the right skills and a commitment to continuous learning, you can climb the ranks and achieve success. Merit America can help you gain the skills you need to thrive in tech roles.

2. Starting a Business

Entrepreneurship offers a chance to create your own opportunities. Do you have a talent in a particular area? Maybe now is your chance to turn your hobby into your profession. With the endless possibilities offered by the Internet, it’s easier than ever to set up your own business.

3. Pursuing an Internship or Apprenticeship

Internships and apprenticeships offer hands-on experience in various fields. You can find opportunities in industries like tech, healthcare, or manufacturing. These experiences provide practical knowledge, industry connections, and sometimes even a stipend to support your living expenses.

4. Earning a Professional Certificate

Professional certificates can be instrumental in demonstrating your expertise and dedication in a specific field. Google’s online college alternatives offer certificate programs that can boost your qualifications and job prospects. 

Google’s online certificate programs could be a good college alternative. The programs cover a range of in-demand skills, making them a compelling choice for those looking to advance their careers in the tech industry. These certificates can include areas such as data analytics, project management, IT support, and more.

5. Enrolling in a Specialized Training Program

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Specialized training programs are designed to provide training in areas like IT support, JavaScript, and data analysis. You can choose a program that aligns with your interests and career goals, and some may offer industry certifications upon completion.

These programs, such as those provided by Merit America, can help you develop competencies that are highly sought after by employers.

6. Considering Community College

Community colleges offer a more affordable alternative to traditional four-year institutions. They can serve as a stepping stone for further education or a way to gain skills for a particular career. You can explore associate degree programs in fields like tech, computer science, or business administration.

7. Exploring Online Learning

Online education offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace from anywhere. You can access a variety of online courses and degree programs to tailor your education to your needs. Many universities and institutions provide online degrees.

Choosing the Right College Alternative for You

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Merit America’s tech training programs offer an affordable, flexible, and structured path to career advancement. 

With online coursework and minimal live meetings (3-5 hours per week), you can learn on your terms. Whether it’s during shifts, weekends, or whenever it fits your life, Merit America accommodates your schedule.

This four-step journey to success includes applying, learning from experts, receiving job search support, and benefiting from lifelong graduation support. You’ll gain the skills and experience you need for a thriving tech career.

Build Your Career in Tech with Merit America

There are many alternatives to college after high school and Merit America is one of them. Merit America’s tech training programs help you to build a promising career, regardless of your financial background or time constraints. If you’re seeking a cost-effective, convenient, and supportive opportunity, Merit America’s programs are a smart choice. 

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