Christopher Rivera

Program Success Manager & Career Coach

With a background spanning both corporate and Higher Education sectors, Christopher brings a unique blend of experiences to his role as a Program Success Manager/Career Coach at Merit America. He is strongly committed to fostering workplace engagement and driving organizational success by combining his skill set in Talent Acquisition, Project Management, and Leadership Development.

Throughout his experience as a Corporate Recruiter and a Residence Life professional, Christopher has developed a passion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). He devotes himself to creating equal opportunity environments by crafting DEI strategies to foster inclusive workplace cultures and equitable practices. Now, he’s excited to continue this mission at Merit America, ensuring that everyone gets a fair shot at achieving their potential (and maybe even a solid, virtual fist bump along the way).

When he’s not committed to helping build a talented, future workforce, Christopher assists his partner in tiring out their beloved German Shepherds, Echo & Bravo. Afterward, he enjoys weightlifting, indulging his soccer fanaticism, and watching movies. Christopher holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a Master’s in Business Administration from Alfred University.

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