Damisi Fawole

Program Success Manager & Career Coach

Damisi is the proud daughter of Nigerian immigrants and more than anything, she wants individuals to feel welcomed, valued, and included in the spaces in which they find themselves.

After college, she worked as a College Adviser in Atlanta with the College Advising Corps, which opened her eyes to the barriers many underrepresented students and their families face in accessing higher education. Her work with various kids, youth and young adults over the years has affirmed her desire to advance opportunities for historically marginalized populations, whether through education, employment, or any other effective means. Her dream is to advocate for such individuals in a way that leads to an increase in their quality of life and empowers them to be their absolute best selves. She is especially passionate about creating inclusive, enjoyable spaces for people to thrive.

Damisi has a Bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Georgia, and a Master’s in Leadership and Organizational Performance from Vanderbilt University, with special skills in Communications, Leadership, and Spanish.

She loves to meet new people and learn more about them through asking thoughtful questions.

You can often find Damisi taking an early morning or late evening walk and listening to a podcast/audiobook, while sipping on a homemade smoothie. She enjoys singing, dancing, and spending quality time with family and friends, and she is more than satisfied with the simple pleasures of life.

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