Ebony Hooks

Lead Admissions Counselor

Born and raised in a small town Blytheville AR, I’ve always been an enthusiastic and optimistic person. I enjoy volunteering in all community events and I love assisting others to reach their goals.

I moved to Irving, TX in 2017 and I’ve fallen in love with Dallas. I love the diversity of this area.

Prior to moving to the DFW area, I worked as an At Home Agent for Apple Technical Support and as a Registrar for a Charter School in Arkansas. After moving to Irving, TX, I continued working for a Charter School.

I decided to join the IT Program with Merit America in August 2020 and graduated that December. While I have enjoyed working in the education field, I have decided to make a career change to IT. I believe the IT industry better aligns with my interests and long-term career goals. I have always considered myself a computer Wiz and Merit America pushed me to dig deep and pull out that untapped potential.

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