Michael Gilchrist

Managing Director, Program Strategy

Michael Hutchins Gilchrist is a Program Director at Merit America. He is a transformational leader with years of education and experience developing teams and delivering results. Prior to Merit America, Michael worked as a leader in Real Estate Development. After a successful career helping large property management companies surpass goals, Michael transitioned into K-12 education serving as a Math Teacher, Instructional and Curriculum Coach, and School Administrator. As an educator, Michael was laser focused on building communities that were transformational, affirming, and fostered greatness. Michael is an active member of many non-profit organizations and has been nationally recognized for his track record of effecting change in the communities he serves. He is passionate about positively impacting the future of others and inspiring them to be change agents in their own ways. He finds joy in helping other professionals become better versions of themselves and unlocking their potential to live rich choice-filled lives. In his spare time, he likes trying new food, working out, laughing, taking naps and is always down for a good dance every now and then.

Micheal holds a B.A. in Educational Studies, an M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction and is actively completing a M.S. in Leadership.

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