Shannan Schobinger

Program Success Manager & Career Coach

Originally from the south suburbs of Chicago, Shannan has spent more than the last decade from coast to coast (and a bit in between) partnering with individuals on identifying and achieving their personal and professional goals. She has held various roles in higher education including academic and career advising, curriculum development, teaching, program management, mentorship, orientation, and recruitment. Shannan has also served on a board of directors for a local non-profit to raise community awareness and funds for individuals, ages 16-20, experiencing homelessness. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counselor education, both from Indiana University.

Coaching individuals who are defying the odds is Shannan’s passion and what keeps her energized to learn, innovate, and evolve. From growing up in poverty with periods of homelessness and being a former foster youth, her desire to contribute to upward economic mobility opportunities is deeply rooted in her values. As a first-generation college graduate who acquired six-figure debt and a former higher education professional, Shannan holds the belief that while access to higher education should be available and affordable for all, it is not the only post-secondary educational path to achieve upward mobility. She looks forward to celebrating the wins of Merit America learners and acknowledges the efforts and obstacles that go unseen behind every win, big or small. All the more reason to take time to celebrate!

In Shannan’s free time, she likes to unplug outdoors, take part in amateur birding, travel to new places with her partner as much as possible, try new restaurants, and read personal development books.

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