Shelby Johnson

Admissions Operations Lead

Before Merit America I was a Client Development Manager for a luxury retailer. I always had an interest in technology and helping people but didn’t really know what I wanted to do with rest of my life. Retail just kind of fit the profile, until my husband was introduced to Merit through a coworker. I watched him go through the Java program, asking him questions about his projects and really got interested in coding. So, I decided that I’d give it a shot by going through the Java program and I’m so glad that I did! While going through the program I fell in love with the organization and how much Merit America was changing people’s lives- I would tell my husband that one day I hoped I could be a part of Merit America. While in my placement phase I started helping the admissions team by watching some of the interview videos, which really opened my eyes to how much MA touches people’s lives from around the country. When an opportunity to work with the admissions team opened up, I was all for it! I am now proud to say that I work for Merit America in the Admissions department as the Customer Service Learner Liaison.

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