Vanessa Gordon Abreu

Coordinator, Technical Learning Support

With a diverse background in technical support and leadership roles, Vanessa Gordon-Abreu now plays a key role in shaping Merit America’s Technical Learning Support. She has dedicated over three years to technical learning support, spearheading curriculum enhancements as an advisor and now oversees the Technical Advisor team, ensuring a collaborative effort towards providing learners with timely and empathetic support. At CACI International, Vanessa held the position of Tier 2 Deskside Support Technician, where she made notable contributions by offering expert technical advice to a team serving an expansive FDA client base of 18,000+. Vanessa’s leadership journey is further highlighted by her swift progression to a Production Supervisor role at Amazon. In this capacity, she established new departmental standards and was at the forefront of training initiatives.
With a solid foundation in Business Management, focusing on Cybersecurity, armed with industry-recognized certifications, and an alumni of the IT support program here at Merit America, Vanessa is a testament to the power of continuous learning and growth. A passionate tech enthusiast, she is always eager to delve into the latest technological advancements and champions the ethos of lifelong learning.

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