Amri Shahpuri

Development Director

Amri is the Development Director at Merit America. She has the privilege of driving large sums of money to underserved communities.

Amri holds a genetics degree from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada but never worked in the field. She went to India for a one year hiatus and ended up staying there for 20 years! During that time she launched an education start-up that at its peak had 79 franchises across India. It was one of the first organizations to incorporate soft skills into the Indian school curriculum.

She then moved on to complete her MBA from the University of London, and took on diverse roles in government agencies, in the private sector, and ultimately in Khan Academy India as their Head of Philanthropy. Here, she built the philanthropy function from the ground up, creating a multi-year runway to support millions of learners in India.

She now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, always warmly clad with an extra-woolly pair of socks. Amri loves to run, to read any non-fiction genre, and to meet people that broaden her perspective of the world.

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