Crystal Fernandez

Social Media Coordinator

Crystal is the Social Media Coordinator at Merit America. Prior to joining the team, she worked as a Content Strategist at Florida International University where she developed communication initiatives to connect employers across all industries with leadership programs that help them gain the tools needed to succeed and lead strong teams.

She describes herself as a sparkling digital conversationalist with a passion for sharing stories that can influence others to learn information that will enhance their lives. This has led her to organically grow and express brand values throughout her ten year career for companies across many different industries such as small local businesses, Fortune 500 companies and universities.

Outside of work Crystal enjoys outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking and meditation. As a wellness enthusiast, she believes self-care is a priority everyone deserves and is passionate about yoga, exercise and continuously improving her lifestyle to achieve good mental and physical health.

Crystal holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with a minor in Hospitality Management and a Master of Science in Mass Communication, both from Florida International University. She is also a Licensed Zumba Fitness instructor and a Registered Yoga Teacher.

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