Maisy Adams

Program Success Manager & Career Coach

In her role as a Program Success Manager & Career Coach at Merit America, Maisy looks forward to supporting her students through their journey of earning life-changing certificates and helping them find fulfilling careers in their respective industries. Prior to her role at Merit America, Maisy did research on alternative career and educational pathways through her doctoral strategic research project at Nova Southeastern University. At the time, Maisy was working as a Student Success Advisor and Adjunct Professor at Florida Southwestern State College. She began her career at the PACE Center for Girls in Lee County, FL and has enjoyed working with students at different levels throughout her different roles. Outside of her work at Merit America, Maisy enjoys spending time with her family and constantly learning new things. Her most recent adventures are learning French, trying to read more, and re-organizing her entire house. Some organizations that Maisy is passionate about are: World Central Kitchen, the Malala Fund, PACE Center for Girls, and the Trevor Project.

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