Patricia Harris

Program Success Manager/Career Coach

Patricia Harris currently lives in California, but her roots are in Brooklyn NY and Central NJ. She is a wife, a mother of 2 and the product of immigrant grandparents from the British Virgin Islands. Their sacrifice and commitment to the pursuit of a better life is the reason she feels she can pursue her own dreams.

Patricia received her Masters degree in Educational Counseling in 2012 and has served as a Guidance Counselor in the K-12 setting, an Academic Advisor for students of the Educational Opportunity Program, a Manager for workforce development programs, a First year Seminar Instructor and dabbles in Marketing and Communications and mentors every chance she gets. Everything Patricia pursues is with the purpose to amplify under-told stories and provide pathways for those who may not have otherwise seen a way out of their current circumstance.

As a Career Coach, Patricia’s philosophy is helping others discover their own light, remind learners that they belong in every space they enter, and to help build the confidence needed for self efficacy and advocacy. She hopes to merely be a vessel by which these things are discovered.

Feel free to call her Patricia, Tricia, Trish,- almost anything but Pat. That is no slight to the Pat’s of the world, it’s just not her jam.

Patricia is a baker, an author, a documentarian, rom-com fanatic, a Martin show enthusiast, a feeler, a helper, an advocate of kindness, a do-er and very close to being a certified meditation instructor.

In closing, Patricia says puns and pizza are life.

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