Pauline Nguyen

Program Support Specialist

Pauline serves as a Program Support Specialist at Merit America. Hailing from Austin, TX, and currently residing in Boston, MA, she brings a unique blend of Southern charm and East Coast hustle to her day-to-day. Pauline holds a degree in Technology Management and Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington, blending her passion for technology with effective communication skills.

Pauline has professional experience in the product reliability testing space and time in the financial / global information services sector (catering to Big Three / MBB management consulting firms). As a first-generation college student to Vietnamese immigrant parents, Pauline uses her multifaceted expertise and commitment to empowering marginalized communities similar to her own through education and opportunity.

Outside of work, you can find Pauline practicing her photography, working on arts and crafts projects, crafting matcha recipes, denying a secret love for reality television, and playing billiards!

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