Tailour Garbutt

Program Success Manager & Career Coach

Tailour is a Program Success Manager and Career Coach at Merit America. She brings a passion for relationship building, workforce development, strengths-based coaching and personal development to her work. Prior to Merit America, Tailour worked in K-12 and higher education where she focused on college access, success and retention for students of color, first-generation college students and students from low-income backgrounds. As an educator and advocate with over 8 years of experience supporting students from marginalized communities, Tailour is deeply motivated to remove barriers that prevent learners from accessing resources and services that can contribute to their holistic well-being and success. She is passionate about facilitating spaces where learners feel seen, valued, heard and supported to boldly pursue their aspirations. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, cooking and finding new places to explore in her hometown, Los Angeles. Tailour earned her B.A. in English and African & African American Studies from Dartmouth College and Ed.M. in Prevention Science and Practice from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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