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Average annual wage gain

for alumni 3+ months after program completion is $24,000/year.

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IT Support

  • 20 hours/week
  • 14 weeks

IT support is all about helping people use technology smoothly.

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Java Development

  • 30 hours/week
  • 22 weeks

Java development is all about building things, from websites to mobile apps.

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Data Analytics

  • 25 hours/week
  • 17 weeks

Data analytics makes sense of information and data to drive decision-making.

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UX Design

  • 20 hours/week
  • 20 weeks

UX designers help build products like websites, apps, and physical objects.

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  • 20-25 hrs/week
  • 20 weeks

Cybersecurity monitors and protects networks, devices, people and data.

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Project Management

  • 20 hrs/week
  • 16 weeks

Project Managers lead projects to ensure successful outcomes.

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