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6 Lucrative Tech Jobs for Beginners: Work from Home Edition

At first glance, combining “high-paying,” “entry-level,” and “remote” might seem unlikely. However, due to the booming tech industry, where growth is outpacing other fields, these terms can indeed coexist. If you’re excited about the prospect of changing careers and landing a flexible, remote job but are worried about needing prior experience or a degree, don’t…

A male teacher sitting in a classroom dissatisfied with his job and looking for a new career to start at 30

Pivoting into Tech: A Guide for Former Teachers

In a rapidly evolving world driven by technology, career transitions have become more common than ever before. Former teachers make up just one group of professionals that has been gaining attention for their successful career transitions. Educators, armed with invaluable skills in communication, empathy, and adaptability, are finding their niche in the technology space. Here…