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The tech industry is on the rise, and there’s a clear demand for IT professionals. The Google IT Support Professional Certificate offers a pathway for those interested in this field. 

This article will detail the costs and potential job opportunities associated with the certificate. We’ll also discuss the role of Merit America. If you’re considering a future in IT or want more information on the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, this is for you.

What is the Google IT Support Professional Certificate?

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is an innovative program developed by Google to help individuals gain the essential skills required to kickstart a career in the field of IT support. 

It’s designed primarily for those with no prior experience in IT, so it provides hands-on training through video lectures, quizzes, and practical labs and covers various topics such as troubleshooting, customer service, networking, operating systems, system administration, and security. 

Upon completion, learners have the foundational knowledge to fill IT support specialist jobs. The certificate is recognized by many top employers in the industry. With its emphasis on real-world problem-solving and user support, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate serves as a stepping stone for those aiming for a career in IT.

How Merit America Fits In

Merit America is a non-profit that provides a pathway for people in low-wage roles who are looking to switch careers. Merit America’s approach includes technical training, one-on-one career coaching, and support in finding a job. We’ve teamed up with Google to make sure learners get the skills that are exactly what employers are looking for with the Google IT Support Professional Certificate. Our goal is to help learners get trained and hired in the tech industry.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate Cost

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For the Google IT Support Professional Certificate cost, the total fee can go up to $5700. Learners can choose to cover the cost of the program without any upfront costs. However, if an employer sponsors you, the amount may be reduced.

Google IT Support Specialist Jobs

At Merit America, the training goes beyond just imparting skills; we aim to ensure tangible career progress for our alumni. With 84 percent of our alumni reporting positive career outcomes post-completion, you can trust our program’s effectiveness in preparing participants for real-world Google IT support specialist jobs. Alumni often secure positions in various companies by leveraging the skills they acquired and the industry-recognized Google IT Support Professional Certificate they earned. You’ll be well-equipped to take on IT Support Specialist jobs and flourish in them.

Why Choose Merit America For Your IT Career?

Choosing the right program to accelerate your career in tech is crucial. Here are some compelling reasons to consider Merit America:

  • Wage gains: Our alumni receive an average wage gain of $24,000 annually 3+ months after completing the program
  • $0 upfront: Learners can choose to complete the program with no immediate financial commitments
  • Fast and flexible online coursework: You can complete your coursework at a time that’s most convenient for you 
  • Limited live meetings: Only 3-5 scheduled sessions per week
  • Dedicated career coaching: Every learner is paired with a career coach to guide them through the journey
  • Supportive peer group: Engage with a ‘squad’ of peers throughout your program journey
  • Job search assistance: After you complete the technical program, our expert team of Job Success Specialists help you apply for jobs that meet your specific interests and your skills.
  • Alumni networking: Connect with past learners and a network of tech professionals 

With these offerings and more, Merit America provides a holistic environment that prioritizes learning and career advancement.

Get Your Google IT Support Professional Certificate With Merit America

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If you’re thinking about a career in IT support, consider joining Merit America’s IT Support program. We offer practical training, solid support, and connections to the tech industry. This isn’t just another course—it’s a chance to learn, grow, and land a job in the IT field. 

Upgrade your skills and kickstart your IT career with Merit America.