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Java Development

Learn to develop applications and software using Java in 21 weeks through flexible, remote training. Pay only after you're hired.

  • 21 weeks
  • 25 hours/week
Vi, National Guard & Nail Technician     Software Engineer at Accenture
Why Java Development

Our 2022 Java cohorts are full

We’ll be finalizing our 2023 launch dates soon. In the meantime, consider joining one of our other programs like our Data Analytics career path – similar to our Java Development track, you’ll learn programming languages and work on technical problems.

Why Java Development

Java development is all about building things, ranging from informational websites to interactive web applications or mobile applications. Java developers are often responsible for giving input on design, implementing applications or requirements, and testing and debugging the code. These skills are in-demand across many industries. If you like building new things and have the patience and grit to work through challenges, then java development could be the career for you.

Benefits of the field:

  • High salaries
  • Challenging and exciting work
  • Growth potential
  • Flexibility

Our graduates work for the world’s top tech companies

$0 Upfront Tuition

Pay $0 upfront

Build a career based on your potential, not your bank account. We invest in your success upfront. Once you’re employed making $50,000 or more, you’ll pay $350 per month for 24 months.

  1. Learn in-demand skills
  2. Land a new job
  3. Pay only after you’re hired
  4. Support the next class
Flexible Schedule

Learn on your time, from anywhere, while keeping your day job

Your coursework and meetings are online. Live meetings are only 3-5 hours per week. You can complete the coursework in-between shifts, on weekends – whatever works for your life.

Course Calendar

Monday, January 10

Java Development Course

  • At Work  8am – 3pm
  • Online Class  3pm – 5pm
  • Daycare pick-up  5:15pm
  • Family Dinner  6pm
  • 1:1 Career Coaching  8pm
Supported Learning

Work with a team dedicated to your success

Meet regularly with a career coach and squad of your peers to keep you on track. After you graduate, you’ll join a network of hundreds of Merit America grads.


  • Michael, Career Coach

    How’s your coursework going this week?

  • Cora

    I’m really struggling with the computer networking module.

  • Michael, Career Coach

    You’ve got this! Let me connect you with our tech trainer, Mac.

    Also, something to look forward to: the job success team will be at squad this week to talk about our employer partners.

How does Merit America Compare?

Merit AmericaTech BootcampCommunity College
Course Length21 weeks20-24 weeks50-100 weeks
In person/RemoteRemoteRemoteIn-person/Remote
Part-time? 25 hours Varies Varies
Maximum Payment/Tuition$8,400$16,000-$19,000$5,000-$10,000
Certification Yes Yes Yes
Organization TypeNon-profitFor-profitFor-profit or Non-profit
Training and Job Search Support Yes Yes Varies
Downside Protection Yes Varies No

Get the Java skills employers are looking for

  • Core concepts

Programming Fundamentals

Learn the skills needed to become a back-end software engineer. You’ll learn HTML, CSS, SQL, cloud deployment, and JavaScript (with Vue.js) to build a strong foundation in programming fundamentals.

  • Technical depth

Java Specialization

You’ll go deep into Java – one of the most in-demand languages for software development positions. Java is widely used to create mobile and web applications, and work with data.

  • Professional Skills

Acing The Technical Interview

Building a career as a software developer goes far beyond technical skills. Standout in the interview process by developing a portfolio project with a small team, and learn the best way to answer common technical interview questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Eligibility requirements:

If you don’t have a bachelor’s, you’re eligible for the program if:

  • You have a high school diploma or GED.
  • You are a fluent English speaker, reader, and writer.
  • You currently reside in the U.S. and are authorized to work in the U.S.
  • You have access to a laptop or desktop that can connect to the internet.
  • You will be seeking full-time employment upon completion of the program.

If you do have a bachelor’s, you’re eligible for the program if all of the above bullets are true as well as: 

  • Your graduation year was more than 5 years ago AND
  • Your income for the last 12 months was less than $35,000.
  • You do not have a graduate degree.

Apply now

If you don't have a B.A. 

You're eligible for the program if:

  • You are a fluent English speaker, reader, and writer.
  • You're authorized to work in the U.S.
  • You have access to a dev

If you do have a B.A.

You're eligible for the program if: 

  • Your graduation year was 2015 or earlier AND
  • Your income for the last 12 months was less than $35,000.

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